About me:
Animation, Comics and Videogames were a huge part of my life growing up and I knew the creative field was where I would inevitably end up. 
I studied art for a year at Central Saint Martins and then went on to study Traditional Animation at London Animation Studio. 
After graduation in 2001, I landed a job with Oxford based Game developer Exient. Developing Sports titles for EA. I was hired as Game Artist, where I would animate and design UI. I worked with Exient for 3 years and decided to move back to London and work Freelance. 
In between studying 3D animation and Zbrush at Escape studio to add to my skill set, I worked for various companies doing small design works.  
I currently work for Nitrome and have been for the past 10 years now. Nitrome began as a web games developer in 2005 with over 100+ high quality games in it's library to date. In 2013 Nitrome moved away from Web games to develop Mobile games for iOS and Android. The company found much success which led to teaming up with Rovio under the brand Rovio Stars for a year and winning many awards in 2014. I have worked on 40+ web games for the company and 10+ mobile games for iOS and Android so far. I handle Character Animation, UI Design, most Illustration, Promotional Art and Trailers for our in-house games and games we publish. 
Awards & Achievements:
Mochi Awards 2010  
Best Puzzle game: Rust Yard (Main Game artist/ Co- Designer)

Pocket Gamer Awards 2014 
iOS Game of the year: Ice Breaker: A Viking Voyage (Original Game Artist/ Co-Designer)
Best Casual/Puzzle game: Ice Breaker: A Viking Voyage (Original Game Artist/ Co-Designer)
Overall game of the year: Ice Breaker: A Viking Voyage (Original Game Artist/ Co-Designer)

Top Ten Best Games of 2016: Leap Day (Character Animation, Promotional Art)
Animation:  Traditional, Flash, Pixel, After Effects
Illustration:  Photoshop CC, Corel Painter
3D:  Maya, Zbrush
Video Editing : Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Final Cut Pro

Mobile: 07969644860
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